Directory of Practitioners

Directory of Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners

Practitioner Organization Date of Certification Date of Recertification
JeAnna Abbott University of Houston 11/11/2017 n/a
Caroline Adams University of California, Santa Barbara 1/20/2015 n/a
Kelley Alexander Georgia State University 10/12/2011 10/11/2015
Diana Anderson UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Ombuds Office 4/20/2018 n/a
Gabriela Assmar 7/3/2017 n/a
Kirsi Aulin University of Colorado, Boulder 3/24/2011 3/23/2015
Roy Baroff North Carolina State University 6/8/2017 n/a
Pia Beesley American Express 9/17/2015 n/a
Rogelio Bernal International Organization for Migration 12/5/2017 n/a
Brian Bloch Department of the Interior 10/3/2012 10/3/2016
Lauren Bloom 8/18/2011 8/18/2015
Terry Boudreau Eaton Corporation 12/13/2012 12/13/2016
Crystal Brakke Teach For America 9/23/2016 n/a
Maureen Brodie University of California, San Francisco 1/15/2016 n/a
Felicia Bunns Department of Energy 8/11/2016 n/a
Helmut Buss United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) 6/16/2016 n/a
Ilene Butensky Eaton Corporation 2/18/2014 2/18/2018
Rita Callahan FEMA 9/17/2015 n/a
Karen Campbell 12/13/2012 12/13/2016
J. Michael Chennault University of California, Irvine 2/28/2011 2/28/2015
Sandra Cooke Technical Standards and Safety Authority 4/20/2015 n/a
C. Kevin Coonrod Auburn University 4/16/2015 n/a
Bindu D'Souza American Express 8/11/2014 n/a
Beatriz Dale American Express 8/6/2010 8/5/2014
Tim Denison Health Canada 10/3/2017 n/a
Scott Deyo 3/10/2010 3/10/2018
Nicholas Diehl Massachusetts Institute of Technology 8/11/2016 n/a
Suzanne Diviney Pfizer Inc 5/27/2014 5/27/2018
Donna Douglass Williams Green Climate Fund 11/20/2013 11/20/2017
Elisa Enriquez Los Alamos National Laboratory 7/10/2014 7/10/2018
Sarah Espinosa Montgomery College 5/12/2015 n/a
Carolyn Esposito AllianceBernstein LP 6/16/2016 n/a
Linda Falkson Cornell University 11/29/2012 11/29/2016
Rita Franklin 6/16/2016 n/a
Wendy Friede Friede Consulting Services 3/16/2011 3/16/2015
Brad Ginn Northeastern Illinois University 12/13/2016 n/a
Ellen Goldstein UCSF Office of the Ombuds 3/22/2016 n/a
Dolores Gomez-Moran Pan American Health Organization 2/28/2011 2/28/2015
Laurel Gordon U S Marshals Service Office of Ombuds 4/2/2018 n/a
Katherine Greenwood University of California, Davis 3/15/2015 n/a
Elizabeth Hill University of Colorado, Boulder 11/17/2016 n/a
Patrick Holman US Department of Energy 11/17/2016 n/a
Shawn Hutchens University of California, Irvine 4/28/2015 n/a
William King Virginia Commonwealth University 11/18/2013 11/18/2017
Sarah Kith FEMA Alternative Dispute Resolution Division 5/12/2015 n/a
Adam Kleinberger Boston University 1/10/2013 1/20/2017
Gabor Kocsenda Mars Inc. 7/21/2016 n/a
Jessica Kuchta-Miller Washington University in St. Louis 5/12/2015 n/a
Willem Kweens Mars, Inc. 6/17/2011 6/17/2015
Catherine Langlois Georgetown University 10/14/2010 10/13/2014
GuangYi Li Mars Inc. 3/9/2018 n/a
Zetu Makamandela-Mguqulwa University of Cape Town 1/7/2015 n/a
Sana Manjeshwar Chevron 12/13/2012 12/13/2016
Judi Martin Portland Public Schools 1/31/2018 n/a
Jose Martinez-Aragon World Health Organization 6/17/2011 6/17/2015
William (Bill) Maurer United States Department of Energy 1/28/2016 n/a
Eric Mayo Chevron Corporation 4/11/2014 4/11/2018
Lorraine Medal Mars Inc. 4/16/2015 n/a
Ross Morton Southwest Florida Water Management District 10/4/2013 10/4/2017
Jennifer Moumneh University of California, Irvine 2/28/2011 2/28/2015
Marvin Neal The Coca-Cola Company 3/18/2014 3/18/2018
Lisa Neale University of Colorado Denver l Anschutz 3/3/2010 3/2/2018
Jerry Nuesell Wake Tech Community College 4/4/2018 n/a
Jackie Osborne Chevron 4/20/2015 n/a
Nikolai Pankratiev Mars Inc. 11/12/2014 n/a
Susan Park 5/9/2011 5/8/2015
Lois Petzold 2/28/2011 2/28/2015
Theresa Prator Retired 6/17/2011 6/17/2015
Steven Prevaux USF 9/7/2017 n/a
Terre Price FDIC 10/4/2013 10/4/2017
Sophia Qiao Pfizer 5/12/2015 n/a
Teresa Ralicki University of Colorado Denver 6/8/2017 n/a
Mauricio Ramos Sandia National Laboratories 11/11/2011 11/11/2015
Marcia Riley University of California, Berkeley 3/9/2018 n/a
Esther Salinas Pasadena Unified School District 12/5/2017 n/a
Tom Sebok 2/28/2011 2/28/2015
Elaine Shaw Pfizer 9/30/2014 n/a
Mary Beth Stevens Los Alamos National Laboratory 8/12/2010 8/11/2014
Josie Stiles Baker Hughes 3/31/2015 n/a
Elizabeth Stone Gallaudet University 1/31/2018 n/a
Noriko Tada Guidea for Eisai Co., Ltd. 7/9/2018 n/a
Gordon Talbot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 11/10/2011 11/11/2015
Daniel Thompson University of Central Florida 3/1/2016 n/a
Gennette Tripari Eaton Corporation 8/11/2014 n/a
Shreya Trivedi University of Central Florida 12/13/2012 12/13/2016
Chinyere Ukabiala Grinnell College 8/4/2015 n/a
Sue Vandittelli AWR Inc.- Alternative Workplace Resolutions & Franchise Ombudsman 6/17/2011 6/16/2015
Tahirih Varner Univ of West Georgia 4/16/2018 n/a
Dale Vergott Defense Intelligence Agency 1/20/2015 n/a
Jacqueline Villafane American Red Cross 1/17/2018 n/a
Tom Ward Clemson University 1/28/2016 n/a
Joan Waters Columbia University 9/23/2016 n/a
Guy Weber National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency 1/10/2013 1/9/2017
Jim Wohl University of Connecticut 11/23/2011 11/23/2015

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