Sneak Peek Videos

Get a sneak peek at some of the concurrent sessions that will be presented at #IOA2018.

Session 10: Experience: On Display
Presented by: Teresa Ralicki, CO-OP, and Adam Barak Kleinberger, CO-OP (<2 minutes)


Session 13: Strange Bedfellows: Negotiating Neutrality Through Institutional and
Interpersonal Entanglements

Presented by: Julia Heck and Sean Woolf (~90 seconds)


Session 14: Developing a Shield Law to Protect the Organizational Ombuds
Presented by: Jon Lee


Session 20: Translating Mediation Theory and Practice to Ombuds Practice
Presented by: Roy Baroff, CO-OP (90 seconds)


Session 27: Breaking Into Tech: Growing the Industry Through the Contract Ombudsman
Presented by: Amanda Dean (90 seconds)



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