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IOA welcomes all practicing organizational ombudsman, those preparing for careers as organizational ombudsman, and other professionals sharing similar functions. To encourage and accommodate a diverse membership, we offer three different membership options.


Student Affiliate Member

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IOA is a member-led, professional association committed to supporting organizational ombudsmen worldwide. IOA works to promote the continuous development of the organizational ombudsman profession through its Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and its strategic partnerships and communications with professionals sharing similar functions and with government agencies and other organizations.

Our members are the heart and the heartbeat of IOA. If you are looking for professional development, opportunities for networking with other ombudsmen, mentoring, a quality professional journal, online resources and discussion lists, as well as a robust and an engaging annual conference, membership in IOA is for you.

Your membership is important to us, and we strive to foster meaningful member engagement throughout the association. As a new or continuing member, you will have countless opportunities to become involved with the association and engage with other members. In fact, our professional network is one of our members' most valued benefits.

As the ombudsman profession and IOA continue to evolve, we continue to look for new and innovative ways in which to best meet the needs of our growing membership and to enhance our membership experience. If you have any questions or would like to talk more about becoming a member, please call IOA headquarters at +1.847.686.2242 or send an email to info@ombudsassociation.org



Elisa Enriquez
Chair, IOA Membership Committee

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