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IOA Journal Publishes: Reflections on a Team Approach to an Ombuds Office

This paper by Melanie Jagneaux, Bonnie Bonnivier, Josie Stiles, and Michael Mayer, presents reflections on a team approach to an organizational ombuds office for an international corporation headquartered in the U.S. The authors briefly review the establishment of the office, present descriptions of each role on the team, and reflect on experiences and lessons learned. The authors hope that this paper encourages additional d…
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2015 IOA Practice Report Available for Download

We are pleased to provide the 2015 Practice Report of the International Ombudsman Association.   The Practice and Compensation survey provides an important snapshot of the contemporary field of organizational ombuds based on responses from members of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) who were practitioners in December 2015. This portion of the report provides general demographic informatio…
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2016 IOA Annual Report Available for Download

We are pleased to provide the 2016 Annual Report of the International Ombudsman Association.   Please take a moment to read this report, which highlights the IOA's accomplishments for 2016 and priorities for 2017 and beyond. We encourage you to share this report with colleagues so that they may learn more about the Association and the work our committees do to advance our profession.   Aspects of this rep…
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IOA Publishes Survey of Higher Education Ombuds Reporting Under Clery & Title IX

The IOA Government & Policy Committee has posted the results of a research project led by Kouang Chan, JD, Director of the Office of Student Ombuds at the University of Texas at Austin. The research focuses on the reporting requirements for academic ombuds related to Clery and Title IX. The document titled “Survey of Higher Education Ombuds Reporting Under Clery and Title IX” and an explanation of its meth…
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IOA Announces Board Members for 2017-18

The International Ombudsman Association recently held elections for open board positions. Thank you to all IOA voting members who took the time to participate in the election and thank you to the volunteers who ran for election. Volunteers' commitment and willingness to serve the association and the profession is critical to the success of the association.   The following were elected (or re-elected) to the Board of Di…
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IOA Members Have Voted to Change Bylaws

After determining that a quorum was reached at a Meeting of the Association held on Thursday, September 29, 2016, the votes, both in person and by proxy, were tallied.   A majority approved the amendments to the bylaws that involve a change in the IOA membership categories and eligibility for service on the IOA Board. In the coming weeks we will keep you informed as to the implementation of the revised bylaws and…
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Title IX Task Force Secures Legal Guidance

The protection of students from sexual violence on college and university campuses has been the focus of heightened attention in recent years. Because of this, the IOA Board authorized the Task Force to secure legal guidance regarding the role of the confidential ombuds in this context. The resulting legal analysis makes it clear that an ombudsman following the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics may…
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Discover IOA's New Career Center

We’re happy to announce the new IOA Career Center, a job bank for employers to list their open positions and for people to find jobs of interest that fit their interests and skills. This new feature connects career opportunities with highly qualified talent. The IOA Career site is powered by YourMembership, the leading provider of online career centers for associations. Jobs posted directly through the IOA job board, as well …
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