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IOA Radio is a new, teleconference-based “talk show” in which IOA members are interviewed about their practice, unique expertise and interests, and other topics relevant to practicing ombudsmen. The host of IOA Radio isTeresa Ralicki, Associate Ombudsman at the American Red Cross.

IOA Radio is intended to:

  • Connect members of the IOA community in a real-time, dialogue-based format
  • Help ombudsmen at all practice levels learn more about the practices and experiences of our IOA colleagues

* Dial-in information and archives are available to members only and can be found in the Resource Library section of the Member's Only area. Please log in and click here for access information. *


Date of Episode                            Guest

March 26, 2014                             Anamaris Cousins Price, Corporate Ombuds for Latin America
                                                    and Caribbean, Halliburton
                                                    President, IOA


October 23, 2013                           Lanai Greenhalgh, Director of the Office of the Ombuds and
Assistance Program, Colorado State University
                                                          Topic: Wearing Two Hats within One Organization
September 25, 2013                      Judi Segall, Ombudsman, Stony Brook University

                                                         Topic: The Dynamic Role of the Ombudsman

July 23, 2013                                 Reto Meister, Ombudsman of the International Committee
                                                         of the Red Cross

                                                         Topic: Transferring the Skills Used in
                                                         POW Negotiations to the Ombuds Role

June 26, 2013                              Wilbur Hicks, Distinguished Emeritus member of IOA
   Topic: "Because Starting One Ombuds Office Wasn’t Enough"

May 22, 2013                                Sean Banks, Shell Oil Company
Topic: "Telling the Emperor He Has No Clothes: 
                                                        From Philosophy to Practice"

March 27, 2013                            Nick Diehl, Past-President of IOA and 
                                                        Deputy Ombudsman at the American Red Cross


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