Core Course

As with the current Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice course, a core course is one that addresses fundamental knowledge and practice for “new” ombuds (less than three years of full time practice) or for ombuds who desire to learn or refresh such fundamentals. The core courses form the basis of a curriculum for organizational ombudsmen and are based upon a set of knowledge domains derived from the CO-OP® job analysis of organizational ombudsmen. Ombuds will be expected to successfully complete core courses before taking advanced courses. The Professional Development Committee plans for all core courses to be replicable courses.
Core courses are designed to be team taught by two or three instructors and plan for 30 participants. It is anticipated that core courses will be offered on an annual basis.


Replicable Course

The Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice course is taught from a common instructor’s guide that is used as a teaching template by various instructors. It is the intention of the Professional Development Committee that all core courses (and some advanced courses) will likewise share a detailed common instructor’s guide, making them replicable by qualified instructors. 
For this reason, the instructor’s guide and other materials to be developed for PDC must be sufficiently detailed and fine-tuned to clearly communicate the course subjects and methods such that the course can be successfully delivered by instructor’s other than the developer(s).
It is not expected that the initial proposal-level response to the RFP will contain that level of detail; but that level of detail will be required in the developed, deliverable instructor’s guide for the course. (See Course Proposal Steps).