IOA Publishes Survey of Higher Education Ombuds Reporting Under Clery & Title IX

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The IOA Government & Policy Committee has posted the results of a research project led by Kouang Chan, JD, Director of the Office of Student Ombuds at the University of Texas at Austin. The research focuses on the reporting requirements for academic ombuds related to Clery and Title IX. The document titled Survey of Higher Education Ombuds Reporting Under Clery and Title IX and an explanation of its methodology are available for your review in the members-only section of the IOA website
This survey builds on the “Benchmark Table of Ombuds Charters” originally developed by Mr. Chan, which had been posted in the Sexual Misconduct Resources section in the Resource Library for members for several years. This section has been more appropriately retitled Ombuds Benchmarking & Research Resources. 

It was created to provide a wide-angle view of the reporting landscape for higher education ombuds to assist in facilitating conversation with their institution regarding reporting and confidentiality. The document provides an overview of how IOA member ombuds in higher education function under the categories of Clery and Title IX. Through this survey we hope to fill the gap on how ombuds practice in the context of current federal guidelines and publications.
Please be aware that the survey is an ongoing product. Some information collected at the time may no longer be relevant. Actual practices may differ from the survey results. In collecting the data for the survey we attempted to provide as accurate the information available at the time. If there are questions about the practices of a specific institution, please contact that individual institution for clarification.
If you have questions about the survey or its methodology, please email Kouang Chan of the IOA Government and Policy Committee. 

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