Finance Committee

Committee Members

Treasurer & Chair:
Lee Twyman, Rochester Institute of Technology

Willem Kweens, Assistant Treasurer

Glenda Dickson, Clemson University

Victoria Dowd, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Janet Hill, KBR (retired)

Melanie Jagneaux, CO-OP®, Baylor College of Medicine

David Michael, National Institutes of Health

Jennifer Moumneh, CO-OP®, University of California, Irvine

To Join the Committee

Members who are interested in joining this committee please send an email to the office at [email protected]


The IOA Finance Committee institutes the necessary financial strategies, processes, and controls to meet all IOA goals and objectives.


  • Continue review of IOA policies and required revisions
  • Complete strategic financial review and recommendations, resulting in Strategic Financial Plan and Vision for IOA
  • Ongoing review of monthly financial statements, investments, and communication of concerns and highlights to the IOA board


  • Oversaw the successful audit of IOA accounts and records for 2015 by Barnes, Givens & Barnes — completed 2016
  • Worked with IOA staff and board to make recommendations on budgeting and managing IOA funds
  • Established IOA investment fund, 3rd quarter 2016
  • Now have eight liaisons in place to share information and work with key committee co‑chairs on budget and financial matters
  • Continued work revising IOA financial policies

Finance Committee Job Description