IOA Government & Policy Committee

About the Government & Policy Committee and Their Mission

The purpose of the GPC is to provide centralized coordination of:
  • Tracking current legal issues and developing responses
  • Identifying lobbying opportunities globally to best leverage the position of ombuds
  • Coordinating key outreach and partnerships relative to positively influencing ombuds relevant policies, shield laws, and other administrative policies and procedures
  • Developing a coordinated strategy and resource management approach for securing professional legal, lobbying, and related services, recognizing that the committee itself will lack expertise in these areas


The Committee is designed to be highly action-oriented and proactive so that the IOA can be kept abreast of emerging issues and opportunities and can actively work to build a shared concept of the ombuds role and wide recognition of the key elements of the standards of practice for ombuds.



  • Jessica Kuchta-Miller, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Sarah Klaper, Northern Illinois University

Committee Members

  • Shereen Bingham, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Paul Caffera, University of Mississippi
  • Natalie Fleury,  Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Katherine Greenwood, University of Southern California
  • Mark Patterson, California State University Channel Islands
  • David Pauker, Ombuds Solutions



  • Coming soon!


  • Coming soon!

To Join the Committee

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Last Updated 24 February 2021