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The IOA Board of Directors is the governing body of our association and is responsible for the strategic direction and leadership of IOA. Directors are elected by eligible IOA voting members (full, retired, and distinguished emeritus). The IOA Board holds elections each year for a portion of the director seats. IOA welcomes the new directors to the Board at the IOA Annual Business Meeting, which will take place on 27 April 2021. 

This year there were six (6) director positions open on the Board. IOA completed its nomination process in November of 2020. In January 2021, the following slate of five (5) candidates was submitted by the IOA Nominating & Governance Committee (NGC) and has been approved by the IOA Board of Directors. The NGC is grateful for the many nominations received and was able to advance the five nominees listed below in accordance with the IOA Bylaws.

The Nominations and Governance Committee (NGC) and the Board recognize that although the current eligibility criteria listed in the IOA Bylaws were created in good faith and with specific purposes in mind to protect the Standards of Practice, they have actually created barriers for interested members to seek board service, and limits diverse representation on the Board. NGC and the Board are committed to breaking down these barriers as a part of strategic governance planning that is currently underway. The Board expects to propose revisions to the IOA Bylaws at the Annual Meeting this April. Change is on the way!

Approved Slate of Candidates:

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Elections close on Thursday 4 March 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. 

Additional Election Information: 
A listing of the current IOA Board of Directors and their term status can be found on the IOA Board of Directors page. IOA directors serve three-year terms and are eligible to serve two consecutive terms. Newly elected directors will begin their term on 27 April 2021, at the Annual Business Meeting; their terms will end at the Annual Business Meeting in April 2024. Terms are staggered so that a majority of the board returns from year to year. For your reference, you are welcome to review the IOA Bylaws and the nomination page for board member eligibility criteria.


Roy Baroff, MA, JD, CO-OP®

Faculty & Staff Ombuds
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC, United States

Roy Baroff is an experienced conflict engagement / management professional. He is an ombuds, mediator, educator and attorney. In the past, he represented clients in a range of civil matters, mediated litigated and other workplace cases, and served as an adjunct professor teaching mediation, facilitation and negotiation to professional, graduate and undergraduate students. For the last six years, his primary focus is serving as the NC State Faculty & Staff ombuds along with some additional mediations outside NC State and education (Roy teaches a Negotiation course once each year at Elon Law School).

Roy has 30+ years experience as a mediator (member National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals), attorney and received ombuds training in 2007. He opened the NC State Faculty ombuds office in 2015 and added staff ombuds services in 2017. He also became a CO-OP® (Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioner) in June 2017.  

Statement of Interest: I currently serve on the IOA Board and am interested in serving another term to help support the continued development and growth of the organization and ombuds field. I believe I’ve made many positive contributions to the Board and organization and there are many projects still to complete. We are just starting a new Strategic Plan and I’d like to be part of the implementation. We are meeting the challenge of COVID and I want to help steward the organization in this time. I also bring both a big picture and detail perspective to the Board that I believe helps move decision-making forward. I am a collegial and supportive Board member that is also able to constructively disagree with my fellow Board members. This is an important aspect that I bring to Board service. 

When I sought a Board position 3 years ago, one of my goals was to maintain focus on being open to and listening to members. As an example, at the IOA Conference in 2019, I attended a meeting of new and aspiring ombuds. They shared the challenges of attending the conference. I heard their concerns and led the SAPC Committee to develop a Conference Scholarship program that was in place for 2020. IOA awarded 5 Conference Scholarships prior to the covid cancellation of the conference. I remain open and available to members and plan to continue this effort on the Board.
I ask for your support and your vote!

Suzanne Diviney, CO-OP®

Vice President, Office of the Ombuds Lead
Pfizer Inc.
New York, NY United States

Sue Diviney began her career as a social worker.  After attending law school, Sue practiced employment law with the firm of Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C. in New York City. She counseled clients on a variety of employment matters and dealt with all aspects of federal and state court litigation related to employment discrimination claims. In 1997, Sue went to work for Pfizer in it’s Equal Opportunity Affairs department.  She subsequently held a variety of Employee Resources investigative and EEO-related roles throughout the company.  In 2011, Sue accepted the role of Deputy Ombuds joining the team tasked with building an Office of the Ombuds at Pfizer.  She is currently Vice President, Office of the Ombuds team leader. 

Sue has a Juris Doctor degree from St. John’s University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Welfare.

Sue is married to Dan Diviney, a youth minister who runs a soup kitchen - Project HOPE - at their parish, St. Hugh of Lincoln, in Huntington Station.  They have a daughter and son-in-law, Megan and John, two sons, Michael and Ryan and a precious little grandson, Danny.

Statement of Interest: I believe the health and growth of the Ombuds profession is critically linked with the IOA and have been happy to take a leadership role in advancing the organization and our profession as an IOA Board of Directors member this past year. My prior role was case heavy and time-consuming internally.  It did not afford me the opportunity to be as involved as I would have liked with the work of IOA. In my current position, I have been able to contribute more to IOA with my role on the Board as well as liaison to both the CO-OP® Board of Directors and the ABA Ombuds Committee. I am excited to be an IOA Board member and hope to continue to serve IOA in that capacity. I promise that I will devote all the time, research, and careful consideration necessary to contribute to the best of my abilities to the IOA Board of Directors.

Elisa V. Enriquez, CO-OP®

Senior Associate Ombuds
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM, United States

Elisa Enriquez is Senior Associate Ombuds at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Ombuds Office, where she has served as an organizational ombuds (OO) for over 10 years. As a Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioner (CO-OP ®), she holds herself and the OO profession to the highest IOA standards. Elisa is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who previously provided counseling through the LANL Employee Assistance Program and in private practice. She holds an MSW from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BA in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. Elisa is on the IOA Membership Committee, which she chaired from January 2018 to July 2020. As chair, she spearheaded efforts to improve transparency, communication, and processes with the help dedicated committee members, board liaisons and co-chairs. By focusing efforts to understand past, present, and future needs of the IOA, the Membership Committee aligned with the IOA Strategic Plan through brainstorming and reviewing surveys, reports, and processes. The committee made several recommendations to the IOA Board of Directors leading to proactive changes in some by-laws and in communication. Elisa has also volunteered as an IOA mentor, deepening her understanding of different modalities in ombuds work while mentoring collateral duty and international IOA members. Elisa will continue to strive to “promote, protect and provide” for the OO profession- and the membership- if chosen to serve on the board.

Elisa has lived in Northern New Mexico, U.S.A, for almost 20 years. Prior to living in New Mexico, Elisa resided in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she worked for mental health clinics in the triangle area. She has worked with diverse individuals as a counselor, Latino outreach coordinator, intensive treatment coordinator, case manager, and group facilitator. Born in Puerto Rico to Cuban-American parents, Elisa moved to Texas at a    young age prior to spending the second half of her childhood in Florida. Elisa enjoys hiking, singing (especially musical theater), and yoga. She feels blessed to live in a small mountain town with her two teenagers, husband of 25 years and two adorable rescue dogs from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

Statement of Interest: I believe that both my educational, organizational, and cultural backgrounds will provide some diversity of thought. My background was as a clinical social worker prior to doing EAP counseling and Ombuds work within a hybrid corporate-government setting. Culturally, I was born to Cuban exiles in Puerto Rico. These factors may provide a different perspective- and diversity- to the Board. I want to support the growth of the organizational ombuds profession as well as IOA. My strong work ethic and clinical background are strengths, while a weakness is not having a legal or research background. I have full support of the Director's Office in order to be able to do the work, should I be chosen as a candidate.

Wayne Francis Marriott 

Workplace Facilitator/Organisational Ombuds
Christchurch, New Zealand

Wayne Marriott is a consultant organisational ombuds in New Zealand. He is passionate about the development of Ombuds services all over the globe, where ethics, conflict competence, and organisational listening ‘collide’. He strives to implement restorative practices that compliments a common good approach to leadership

Statement of Interest: 

Ever since I joined the IOA, I have worked to ensure the organisation is truly international. My previous involvement with the Membership Committee and the JIOA helps shift the organisation's US-centric origins to other nations striving to deliver effective workplace and organisational conflict competence. While the IOA is slowly shifting its attention to places outside the US, I want to be part of continued full global participation in ombud practices. 

As a passionate practitioner of ombudsmanry I am keen to assist the profession in development, implementation, and achievement of aims that aid positive outcomes for our constituencies. Further, I seek to assist in a governance capacity in an international organisation promoting peace and well-being to a global population.

Steve Prevaux, CO-OP®

University Ombuds
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL United States

Steven Prevaux is the University of South Florida Ombuds serving over 15,000 faculty, staff and administrators across campus locations in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota. Steve served as General Counsel for the USF Board of Trustees for 12 years prior to launching the Ombuds Office in 2016. He is an active Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners (CO-OP©), Florida Board Certified Legal Specialist in Education and Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Appellate Mediator.

He is an active member of the Board of Directors of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) where he was elected Vice President in 2020.  He previously served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) and also the Board of Directors of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators (FAPM). He is a founding member of the Florida Bar Education Law Committee.

Steven earned his B.A., with distinction, from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and his J.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He received a Fulbright award and participated in the Fulbright International Education Administrators Program in France in 2015. He has served as an IEA Peer Reviewer for the U.S. Fulbright Commission.

Statement of Interest: As an IOA member since “day 1” of my ombuds practice, I deeply value the role that the IOA plays in supporting members with resources, information and connections. This positive experience led me to get involved with the IOA Title IX Task Force. I became ever more involved from that point forward. As the current IOA Vice President, and active member of the IOA Board of Directors, I look forward to continuing to serve our members during this challenging and interesting era!

Our association now finds itself at an organizational development crossroads of sorts. I am committed to the on-going effort to bring greater transparency and collaboration to the IOA Board and its committees/task forces. I remain optimistic and enthusiastic that our best years are soon to be realized. This journey includes leadership and membership pulling together to accomplish meaningful and purposeful goals. We are in the midst of a renewed strategic planning process for this purpose and believe that I can add voice, perspective, and some value to that huge project if given the opportunity.

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