Strategic Alliance & Partnership Task Force


Mauricio (Reese) Ramos, CO-OP, Co-Chair
Corporate Ombuds
Sandia National Laboratories


Randy Williams, Co-Chair
Ombuds/Managing Director
Redmond, Williams & Associates, LLC


Committee Members

Roy Baroff, CO-OP, North Carolina State University

Janet Morse, University of Minnesota

To Join the Committee

IOA members interested in joining this committee please send an email to the committee co-chairs Reese Ramos or Randy Williams


  • Finalize proposed partnership guidelines
  • Develop and implement proposed partnership process
  • Evaluate and make a recommendation on possible partnerships with other organizations globally and determine criteria for such partnershiparrangements, including demand-driven training requests that resultfrom outreach efforts


The Strategic Alliances/Partnership Task Force worked on a number of important projects, and is making headway in helping establish criteria for identifying, selecting, approving and working with partners. The task force worked on the clarification of overlapping committee responsibilities; a written proposal checklist for strategic alliances/partnerships; and recommended an alliance with the American Bar Association Ombuds Committee.

Strategic Alliances/Partnership Task Force (SAP-TF) Job Description