Ombuds Service Provider Directory (OSPD)

Looking for assistance in developing or enhancing your ombuds program or services? The Ombuds Service Provider Directory (OSPD) lists IOA members who are independent ombuds practitioners available to consult on a contractual basis.

This page provides a link to the Directory for those who are seeking resources, as well as application materials for members to apply to have their services included in the OSPD.

The OSPD is designed to:

  • Provide a listing of services available to ombudsmen to help ensure their programs are operating in accordance with the IOA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • Assist members of IOA who are consultants to bring their services to a wider audience.
  • Connect those seeking to locate knowledgeable and skilled ombudsman consulting services in a transparent and systematic way.

Services listed in the OSPD may include:

  • Helping with hiring an ombudsman or ombudsman office support staff
  • Building ombuds office awareness/communication strategies
  • Establishing an ombuds office case management system
  • Developing presentations for ombudsmen
  • Evaluating ombudsman programs
  • Providing legal services
  • Consulting on difficult cases
  • Writing annual reports
  • Working directly with visitors and being the contract ombudsman
  • Offering products and training not offered by IOA

Listing Criteria for Service Providers:

  • Provide true and accurate information. If the service provider does not, IOA has the right to deny, suspend or terminate the provider’s services from the OSPD.
  • Provide and list services which will support ombudsmen and their respective organizations in adhering to the IOA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • Refrain from offering training services that compete or conflict with IOA offerings. Any courses offered will be reviewed by the OSPD steering committee to ensure that they do not conflict with courses offered by the IOA or with the IOA curriculum. Service providers will include a short description of each training course offered. Service providers will be notified if the OSPD steering committee determines that a conflict exists. A member of the team will initiate a discussion with the service provider to determine how to proceed.
  • Have at least one year of IOA membership (Full, Associate, Affiliate, Retired, Emeritus).
  • Have at least two years experience with each service offered. 


Directory of Ombuds Service Providers

Application for Ombuds Service Providers

OSPD Application Information

Frequently Asked Questions



Questions? Contact the OSPD Steering Committee at OSPD@ombudsassociation.org.



All resource providers listed in the Directory are IOA members (full, associate or affiliate). Experience of providers is self-reported. The International Ombudsman Association does not endorse nor claim knowledge of any specific vendor or services provided as a part of the Directory. Any services secured through this Directory are the sole responsibility of the purchaser of those services and the vendor. The Association offers no remedy for dissatisfaction or complaints of services rendered.

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