IOA PDC Curriculum Committee

About the PDC Curriculum Committee and Their Mission

IOA’s Professional Development Committee (PDC) has recently initiated a new, substantial and sustainable model of course offerings for the development of core courses essential to the new and established organizational ombuds. Through this initiative, we have developed the PDC Curriculum Committee to review all request for proposals for the development of these new courses. 



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Committee Members

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The main role of the PDC Curriculum Committee (CC) will be to:

  1. Solicit and review new core course proposals.
  2. Select the core course designers.
  3. Review and approve the core course designs and detailed instructor guides.
  4. Provide clarification and feedback to chosen designers for Request for Proposal (RFP) process. (See the Introduction section of the RFP for additional information.)
  5. Serve as liaison to the PDC in providing updates concerning all steps of the core course proposal process for each course solicited.

The CC will be comprised of three IOA members -- two from the PDC and one chosen by the PDC. This member will be chosen from those who volunteer as a result of an open invitation to the IOA membership. They will have training and curriculum design expertise. A maximum of two additional members with topic-related content expertise may be added as needed to facilitate RFP review.
The length of CC service is two RFP cycles. It is anticipated that a new RFP will be issued every 6-9 months. If desired, a CC member may extend their commitment (with PDC approval) for an additional two RFP cycles.
The PDC and CC will assess the effectiveness of this process after two RFP cycles have been completed. Any subsequent changes to the process will be noted on the RFP website before implementation. 
CC members may not submit a core course proposal while serving on the committee.

Join the Committee

If you are interested in joining the Curriculum Committee, please contact David Bremer or Melissa Brodrick.

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