IOA Board of Directors

Meet the Members of IOA's Leadership Team

The leadership of IOA consists of a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership, Committees and Task Forces composed of volunteer members with chairs appointed by the Board, and other strategic IOA initiatives comprised of member volunteers who have expertise and passion for specific areas of practice.

The intent of IOA's leadership is to ensure integrity and transparency in all facets of leadership and management of the Association, to foster communication and information sharing among all components of the Association's leadership, and to foster and promote opportunities for the membership to be informed and engaged in the work of the Association.

If you would like to contact a member of the Board of Directors or a committee chair, send an email to IOA Headquarters, who will forward your message. IOA members can use the member directory to contact leadership directly.

Meetings & Board Updates

The Board of Directors generally meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month. Updates and announcements from the Board are frequently shared in IOA's blog, The Independent Voice, in bi-weekly Hey IOA emails sent to members, and/or posted on the Board Updates page for members to view.

IOA Officers


Ronnie Thomson
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM United States
Officer Term: 2022-2023
Board Term: 2020–2023

Alicia Booker


Alicia Booker, MA
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL United States
Officer Term: 2022-2023

Board Term: 2022-2025

Amanda Dean


Amanda Dean, MS
Austin Community College
Austin, TX United States
Officer Term: 2022-2023
Board Term: 2022–2025

Lee Twyman


Lee Twyman, MS
Rochester, NY United States
Officer Term: 2022–2023
Board Term: 2020–2023

IOA Directors
Suzanne Diviney, CO-OP Suzanne Diviney, JD, CO-OP®
Pfizer Inc.
New York, NY United States
Term: 2021-2024
Hector Escalante Hector Escalante, EdD, MFA
University of California Merced and Earthjustice
Stockton, CA United States
Term: 2020–2023

Thomas Griffin Thomas Griffin, MDR, JD
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA United States
Term: 2021-2024
Sarah Klaper Sarah Klaper, JD
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL United States
Term: 2020–2023
Marcia Riley Marcia Gee Riley, MS, CO-OP®
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA United States
Term: 2020–2023
Jennifer Mahony Jennifer Mahony, JD
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, MA United States
Term: 2021-2024
Wayne Francis Marriott Wayne Francis Marriott, MA
Auckland University of Technology
Christchurch, New Zealand
Term: 2022-2025
Diana Mosonyi Diana Vermeul (Mosonyi), MA
Harmonikon - Harmonised Conflict
Middelharrnis, Netherlands
Term: 2022-2023
Mark Patterson Mark Patterson, JD, LLM
California State University Channel Islands
Camarillo, CA United States
Term: 2022-2025
Jacqueline Villafane, CO-OP Jacqueline Villafane, PhD, CO-OP®
American Red Cross
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Term: 2021-2024
Lily Xu, CO-OP Lily Xu, MBA, CO-OP®
Raytheon Technologies
Shanghai, China
Term: 2022-2025
IOA Executive Director
Ellen Miller

Ellen Miller

Contact Ellen: emiller[at]

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