IOA Online CommUnity

IOA Online CommUnity

A Virtual Networking Platform for IOA Members

The IOA Online CommUnity is the newest networking resource for IOA members to collaborate, connect, and learn with each other. Log in using your IOA username and password for access to the IOA Online CommUnity platform.

IOA Online CommUnity will serve as your new hub for connecting and engaging with other IOA members. For instance, you can:

  • Add connections on your profile
  • Create posts within specific communities
  • Reply to others’ questions, search past topical posts
  • And show off your projects and successes.

The best part about the IOA Online CommUnity is that you can add your own documents and resources for others to download and view. This new platform will not only replace the current IOA Discussion Circles, but take communication to a whole new level.

We encourage you to begin exploring this new resource by logging in, connecting with other members, creating your first post or reply, and sharing your expertise and experiences with your colleagues.

Please note that access to the IOA Online CommUnity is a members-only benefit. If you’re not an IOA member, or if you are a colleague of someone but not the individual holding an Organizational membership, consider joining today to gain access to this exciting and exclusive networking resource!

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