Annual Ombuds Day

Every Second Thursday of October

What Is Ombuds Day?

Every second Thursday of October people from around the world take time to celebrate ombuds. IOA wants to invite you to take part in these celebrations.

Ombuds Day serves as an additional opportunity to educate and raise awareness among the public about the history and practices of the ombuds profession including the various ombuds models, the roles they play, the services they offer, and the value provided.

  Upcoming Celebrations

The primary goal of Ombuds Day is to improve public awareness of ombuds. 

Our actions are intended to:

  1. Educate the public about the role of ombuds
  2. Explain the wide variety of services that ombuds provide
  3. Encourage greater use of ombuds programs and services
  4. Highlight the value ombuds bring to the institutions and constituents they serve.
What Is an Ombuds?

Ombuds (also known as ombudspersons and ombudsmen) are confidential, impartial, and independent conflict management professionals in universities; federal, state, and local governments; healthcare facilities; and a variety of other organizations. However, their roles and services are relatively unknown compared to other methods of resolving conflicts such as mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Learn more about ombuds.

Ombuds Day 2022

Mark your calendars! The Fifth Annual Ombuds Day will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022. This year's theme is Resilience, Respect, Resolve.

There are still ways to keep celebrating. View our list of upcoming events and learn more about other celebrations on the Ombuds Day Website.

  Ombuds Day Website  

  Ombuds Day Toolkit  


Submit An Ombuds Celebration Video

We are seeking your help in creating a video to highlight the amazing work of ombuds around the world. Using your smartphone, please record a 30-60 second video message and email the video to us at [email protected].

Video Submissions Should Include:

  1.  Your name and organization

  2.  Where you are in the world

  3.  Why ombuds work is more important than ever, and/or

  4.  How do you see the theme of Resilience, Respect, and Resolve being reelected in your work as ombuds?

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Upcoming Ombuds Day Events


  • 2022 Events Will Be Posted Soon

Questions About How to Take Part in Celebrations?

Contact your 2022 Ombuds Day Task Force Liaison. Liaisons also want to hear about your events and proclamations! 

  • International Ombuds Association Liaison: Laura Smythe., [email protected]
  • ABA Ombuds Subcommittee: Jon Lee 
  • The Coalition of Federal Ombudsman Liaison: Ken Skodacek, [email protected]
  • Corporate Organization Ombudsman Roundtable Liaison: TBD
  • United States Ombudsman Association Liaison: Amy Calderwood, [email protected]

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