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Distinguished Emeritus Award

Help IOA recognize deserving ombuds for their accomplishments and contributions to our field. Submit a nomination for an IOA Distinguished Emeritus Member today.

This award is given out annually to a small number of IOA retired members at the IOA Annual MeetingThe award includes a lifetime free membership to IOA. 

Nominators and nominees must be IOA members in order to participate. Nominators are responsible for filling out the award submission form and collecting the nominee’s Curriculum Vitae, their record of service, and three letters of support from IOA members. 

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IOA Peer Recognition

The IOA Peer Recognition Program is a way for IOA members at every level to recognize the contributions of their peers. Our IOA members are continually researching, developing, and executing sustainable, high-quality programs and initiatives to support the growth and vitality of the professional, as well as the professional development, networking, and mentoring of Ombuds across the world. We are so excited that you find yourself thinking about the value a fellow ombuds brings to your work, the IOA, and/or the profession as a whole, and are recognizing that individual through the submission of a Peer Recognition Nomination Form!

Before you submit your Peer Recognition form, please review the required information you will need below:

  • Nominee's Name
  • Nominee’s Organization
  • Nominee’s Current Title
  • Nominee’s Email
  • Nominee’s Phone
  • Nominee’s Committee or Task Force Involvement (*If Applicable)

The categories below are meant to capture the variety of ways great work is done at IOA. Please identify the category that best describes the work you wish to recognize:

  • Collaboration: Leading others through partnership.
  • Bright Idea/Creativity: Honoring creative problem-solver and innovator.
  • Above and Beyond: Exceeding what a particular task requires.
  • Making it Happen: Relentlessly resourceful and productive.
  • Unsung Hero: Working behind the scenes.

Recognition Information:

  • Please write a brief description of why you wish to recognize this colleague(s) good work. Please include why it was important to you and how it made a difference. (This description will be used verbatim on the award certificate)

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IOA Presidential Recognition

IOA is fortunate to have such an outstanding group of volunteers who are willing to give their time and expertise to help advance our organization and profession!

The Presidential Recognition Program allows Chairs and Board Members to nominate members of their committee or another volunteer who works with their committee in some capacity for a President's Award. The IOA President will recognize outstanding volunteers selected for the President's Award at the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon at the IOA Annual Conference.   

All nominees will receive a Letter of Recognition for Volunteers from the IOA President for their work, sent to their supervisor.

We are so excited you are recognizing a member of your committee for a job well done by submitting this Presidential Recognition Form!

Before you submit your Presidential Recognition form, please review the required information you will need below:

  • Nominee's Name
  • Committee/Task Force Nominee is Serving On
  • Nominee’s Organization
  • Nominee’s Current Title
  • Nominee’s Work Address
  • Nominee’s Email
  • Nominee’s Phone

Recognition Letter Recipient Contact Information: (Recommendations for recipients of the letter would be the leader of the nominee’s organization or direct supervisor)

  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Mailing Address

Recognition Letter Information: (Submit in Word or PDF)

  • Describe the nominee’s service and contributions to your committee and larger IOA organization. (Maximum 75 words)
  • Describe the impact or value the nominee’s service has made to the committee/IOA. To what extent did the nominee’s actions demonstrate service that met or solved a need or challenge within the committee/IOA. Please articulate key accomplishments within the nominee’s service to the committee/IOA. Be clear and give examples. (Maximum 100 words)
  • Did the nominee begin a new program, solve problems, or initiate creative ways to work within the committee/IOA? To what extent has the nominee made a long-lasting sustainable change? (Maximum 75 words)

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