How to Become an IOA Course Instructor

Share Your Interest & Propose New Course Content

IOA is committed to developing and offering courses that provide the skills and education needed to serve those in the field of conflict resolution and in the ombuds profession.

How Does It Work?

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is tasked with identifying qualified instructors and presenters who are willing to share skills and knowledge with ombuds from around the world. The PDC is excited to present its new Instructor Interest Form, which will allow you to apply to become an instructor or presenter for many of IOA's training opportunities. 

IOA currently offers several types of training which include:

  • Foundations of the Organizational Ombuds Course: This multi-day course covers a set curriculum that focuses on the fundamentals and key principles of the organizational ombuds role.
  • Core Courses: These multi-day courses address an array of topics that focus on the key elements of ombuds practice.
  • Specialized Courses: These multi-day courses explore a variety of subjects like emerging ombuds topics, and skill sets that can enhance an ombuds' practice. 
  • IOA Webinars: These hour-and-a-half-long presentations cover a wide range of topics that are put together and led by the selected presenter.
  • IOA Annual Conference Sessions: Conference content is curated by the Conference Committee and a separate call for presentation is hosted each year.

The PDC Instructor Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming an IOA Professional Development Course (PDC) instructor and/or providing a proposal for a new course or webinar!

Potential webinar topics of interest include:

  • Contract Ombuds Panel Discussion
  • Shifting Culture: The Role of the Ombuds in Creating a Positive Work Culture
  • How to Coach Burnout
  • Building Psychological Safety in Your Organization
  • Restorative Justice and Fairness
  • What Can We Do to Reduce Polarization?
  • Neurology of Bullying

You must be an IOA member to apply. Please be sure you have all of the necessary details and information needed to complete this form including:

  • Session description, if applicable
  • Year you completed the Foundations of Organizational Ombuds Course as a participant (previously known as Ombuds 101
  • CV/Resume/other supporting material
  • Examples of your facilitation experience, if applicable
Submit the Interest Form

Note: Completing this form does not guarantee immediate inclusion in the course schedule. A representative from the Professional Development Committee will reach out within four to six weeks to gather any additional information we may need and discuss course needs and scheduling.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

As part of Goal 4 of IOA's 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, we are looking to further represent IOA's diverse membership in our instructor pool. We would like to ensure we are sharing a wide range of perspectives and experiences during our training course. As part of this goal, we would like to welcome new instructor applications, especially those from men, people of color, non-US members, and those with experience in the corporate and government sectors. If you have any questions about the application process or if you know of a member who you think would make a great addition to the instructor pool please email IOA at [email protected].

Volunteer Instructor Compensation

IOA members and supporters benefit when colleagues share their skills and expertise by volunteering as an instructor for PDC-sponsored courses. To show our gratitude we offer in-kind compensation. The compensation policy applies to volunteer instructors who teach a course on behalf of the Professional Development Committee that is three hours or longer. 

View Instructor Compensation Policy