IOA Communications Committee (ComCom)

About ComCom & Their Mission

This committee is responsible for developing or guiding IOA’s internal and external communications to support the mission of IOA, advance the organizational ombudsman profession, and ensure that practitioners are able to work to the highest professional standards.



  • Carrie Anderson, Social Media, MD Anderson Ombuds Office

Board Liaison

  • Reese Ramos, Virginia Tech

Committee Members

  • Victoria Dowd, Finance Committee Liaison, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Bryan Hanson, Blog Editor, Graduate School at Virginia Tech
  • Julia Farmer, University of West Georgia
  • Martha Patrick, PDC Liaison
  • Mark Patterson, Conference Committee Liaison, College of William and Mary


  • Continually improve website content and resources
  • Curate high-quality blog content for The Independent Voice
  • Review all marketing and communications to ensure a consistent voice and relevancy to membership
  • Expand use of social media across IOA
  • Collaborate with and support the efforts of all committees and task forces

Accomplishments 2019-2020

  • Increased communications all around: more blog posts, social media followers, more frequent, higher value emails to internal and external audiences
  • Partnership with Westfourth Communications has produced professional, sophisticated external marketing
  • Successful transition to a new co-chair, and new members
  • IOA’s blog, the Independent Voice, will become public in the near future
  • There are now 12 Discussion Circles on the IOA website

To Join the Committee

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