Communications Committee


Christina Sabee, San Francisco State University

Ruthy Rosenberg, Brown University

Committee Members

Mary Conger

Victoria Dowd, Finance Committee Liaison, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jon Lee, M.A., J.D., CO-OP®, University of New Mexico

Timucin Ogretir, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Mark Patterson, College of William and Mary

Jennifer Schneider, Blog Editor,
University of South Florida


Responsible for developing or guiding IOA’s internal and external communications to support the mission of IOA, advance the organizational ombudsman profession, and ensure that practitioners are able to work to the highest professional standards. 


  • Continue to expand and strengthen the committee
  • Complete the website redesign process
  • Continue producing high-quality issues of The Independent Voice
  • Assess and improve IOA’s email strategy
  • Expand use of social media across IOA
  • Collaborate with and support the efforts of the Global Marketing Task Force and the Strategic Alliances/Partnership Task Force


  • Reconstituted and reactivated IOA’s Communications Committee after year-long hiatus
  • Produced and disseminated four very
    substantive issues of The Independent Voice newsletter
  • Initiated comprehensive analysis of the current website and sought stakeholder input in the preparation of website redesign process
  • Provided recommendations to the IOA Board of Directors regarding the website redesign
  • Successfully and enjoyably engaged as a tool for effective committee collaboration
  • Continued to increase IOA’s social media outreach (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Communications Committee - Job Description