IOA International Outreach Committee

Regional Programming 

12 June | Breaking the Stigma: Mental Health Awareness for Ombuds

9 October | Psychological Safety



  • Fred Wright, Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning

DEIAB Liaisons

  • Geoffrey Bartholomeusz, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Juan Lattanzio Caro, European Parliment
  • Marilyn Molina, Columbia University
  • Herb Waye, ICANN

Committee Members

  • Francisco Espejo Elgueta, World Health Organization
  • Dolores Gomez-Moran, CO-OP®, World Food Program
  • Sophia Qiao, CO-OP®, Pfizer, Inc.
  • Jennifer Mahony, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Zetu Makamandela-Mguqulwa, Ombuds Consultant
  • Arllon Souza Viçoso, IBM
  • Camilo Azcarate, ESO
  • Michelle Campanella, Postal Saúde
  • Jutta Reitmeier, Mars

Regional Advancement Committee Chairs

  • Zetu Makamandela-Mguqulwa, Ombuds Consultant
    RAC Africa Chair

  • Sue Ackerly, Ombuds Global Fund
    RAC Asia Pacific Co-Chair

  • Fred Wright, Government of Victoria, Australia
    RAC Asia Pacific Co-Chair

  • Jutta Reitmeier, Mars
    RAC Europe Co-Chair

  • Diana Vermeul, HarmoniKon 
    RAC Europe Co-Chair
  • Arllon Souza Viçoso, IBM
    RAC Latin America and the Caribbean Co-Chair

  • Patricia Masalan,  University of Chile
    RAC Latin America and the Caribbean Co-Chair


  • Support the development of the IOA Global Marketing Plan
  • Support the implementation of IOA training to international contexts, outside the U.S.A.
  • Support the Regional Advisory Communities work in advancing the profession through contacting recently appointed ombudsman, relevant associations, networks, and organizations in priority countries

To Join the Committee

The International Outreach Committee will be capped at 15 maximum members.
The IOC promotes its goals by seeking members who are:
  1. Committed to contributing service by playing an active role in the development of the organizational ombudsman profession in particular of new programs or offices, with an interest in the work of Ombuds networks or groups such as the Regional Advisory Communities (RAC).
  2. Full-time Organizational Ombuds, working for an international organization. Up to three exceptions can be made, i.e. they can work for national organizations. 

The IOC composition will have a good balance in regional and sectoral diversity of its members. Overall, the IOC will be capable of working in several languages, and able to represent a variety of sectors (corporate, governmental, university) and geographic regions.
The IOC membership subcommittee may consider exceptions to the above criteria, in alignment with the IOC’s strategic objectives.  


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