Why Should My Organization Have an Ombuds?

The Value of the Organizational Ombuds Role

Whether you are in a higher ed, corporate, government, NGO/association, K-12 or research setting, adding an organizational ombuds is a proven and effective way to: 

  • Build and improve workplace culture

  • Support employees and other stakeholders 

  • Provide an informal and confidential space to identify and address issues 

  • Support DEIB efforts including racial and social injustice 

  • Support those impacted by harassment 

  • Prevent bias and harassment issues from escalating 

  • Reduce complaint investigation time

  • Reduce litigation costs 

  • Reduce employment litigation insurance premiums.  

  • Improve governance 

  • Address interpersonal and group conflict 

  • Uncover and address systemic issues to create healthier organizations, and 

  • A myriad of other concerns

Below are several resources to help you learn more.  Whether you are in the C-suite or hold another leadership position in your organization, serve on a Board of Trustees or Directors, or are a lawyer advising organizations or shareholders, the International Ombuds Association is here to help you get started. Contact our Executive Director, Ellen Miller at [email protected] to set up an appointment.    

Resources about Organizational Ombuds


Modern Ombuds Toolkit

International Ombuds Association:  What are the benefits of an Ombuds Office?   

International Ombuds Association: How Does an Ombuds Fit into an Organization?

International Ombuds Association: Ombuds General Introduction (A set of PowerPoint slides designed to introduce a general audience to the ombuds role.)

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IOA also publishes the Journal of International Ombudsman Association (JIOA) which is available to the public for review on a variety of issues impacting organizational ombuds.