IOA Joint IOA & CO-OP® Accreditation Task Force

Task Force Mission

To recommend a proposal to accredit organizational ombuds programs. This will clear the way to separate program accreditation from individual certification under CO-OP®.



  • Sue Diviney, CO-OP®, IOA Board Member
  • Mollie Berg, CO-OP®,  CO-OP® Board President


  • Kimberly Howard-Carswell
  • Melanie Jagneaux, JD, CO-OP®
  • Audrey Lee, JD
  • Jared Lee, CO-OP®
  • Jennifer Moumneh, CO-OP®
  • Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, CO-OP®


The goal is to create a time-limited task force that brings together a variety of critical perspectives and experiences to develop a proposal for an ombuds office accreditation program.

The Task Force is hosting two Community Conversations and an online survey for IOA members to contribute thoughts and ideas regarding an accreditation program. 

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