Annual Ombuds Day is Every Second Thursday in October 

We encourage you to share your Ombuds Day news, celebrations, and reflections on social media and on the IOA Blog. Post your photos and reflections using the hashtag #OmbudsDay. If you would like to share an in-depth story with the ombuds community we invite you to submit a blog post to The Independent Voice.

What Is Ombuds Day?

Every second Thursday of October people from around the world take time to celebrate ombuds. IOA wants to invite you to take part in these celebrations.

Ombuds Day serves as an additional opportunity to educate and raise awareness among the public about the history and practices of the ombuds profession including the various ombuds models, the roles they play, the services they offer, and the value provided.

The primary goal of Ombuds Day is to improve public awareness of ombuds. 

Our actions are intended to:

  1. Educate the public about the role of ombuds
  2. Explain the wide variety of services that ombuds provide
  3. Encourage greater use of ombuds programs and services
  4. Highlight the value ombuds bring to the institutions and constituents they serve.


Ombuds Day


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2023 Special Events

Partner Event: Ombuds Day Webinar - DIVERSIFIED ROLE, UNITED IN SERVICE 

Free Webinar: A Conversation with Thomas Zgambo


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Check Out Our Ombuds Day Video 

In 2022, we asked you why ombuds work is more important than ever and how you see this year's theme of Resilience, Respect, and Resolve being reflected in your work. Thank you to everyone who shared their insights via video. Here are a few of the highlights.