Ombuds-Related Groups & Organizations*

Connect with Ombuds Professional in Other Communities

International Associations for Organizational & Classical Ombuds

Associations & Organizations in America

Regional/Sector-Specific Ombuds Groups, Networking & More

  • Alliance of Texas Organizational Ombuds Programs
  • Black Ombuds Network
  • California Caucus of College and University Ombudsman (Cal Caucus)
  • Coalition of Federal Ombudsman
  • Colorado Ombuds Group
  • Community College Ombuds Group
  • Corporate Organizational Ombuds Rountable
  • East Coast Ombuds Group
  • Emerging Ombuds Network
  • European Ombudsman & Mediator Group
  • Four Corners Ombuds Group
  • Michigan Caucus of Educational Ombuds
  • Mid-Atlantic Ombuds Network
  • New York Area Ombuds Group
  • Northwest Ombuds Group
  • North Carolina Regional Ombuds Group
  • Ohio (Academic) Ombuds Organization
  • Ombuds in Small Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Regional Advisory Committee - Africa
  • Regional Advisory Committee - Asia Pacific Region
  • Regional Advisory Committee - Europe
  • Regional Advisory Committee - Latin America & Caribbean Region
  • Southern California Ombuds Group
  • Southeast Regional Ombuds Group

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