IOA Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

The IOA Standards of Practice are based upon and derived from the ethical principles stated in the IOA Code of Ethics. Each Ombuds office should have an organizational Charter or Terms of Reference, approved by senior management, articulating the principles of the Ombuds function in that organization and their consistency with the IOA Standards of Practice.

UPDATE:  On 17 March 2022, the IOA Board of Directors approved and put into effect the final version of the revised Standards of Practice (SOP) and Code of Ethics (COE).  In June 2022, we completed 12 translations of the documents. Learn more about the process on The Independent Voice

Standards of Practice In English

UPDATED! Standards of Practice in English 

Code of Ethics in English

UPDATED! Code of Ethics in English 

Standards of Practice In Additional Languages


Standards of Practice in Amharic (አማርኛ)

Standards of Practice in Chinese (中文)

Standards of Practice in French (Français)

Standards of Practice in Canadian French (Français Canadien)

Standards of Practice in Italian (Italiana)

Standards of Practice in Japanese (日本語)

Standards of Practice in Korean (한국어)

Standards of Practice in Brazilian Portuguese (Português)

Standards of Practice in Romanian (Română)

Standards of Practice in Russian (Pусский)

Standards of Practice in Spanish Latin American (Español)

Standards of Practice in Thai (ไทย)

Code of Ethics in Additional Languages


Code of Ethics in Amharic (አማርኛ)

Code of Ethics in Chinese (中文)

Code of Ethics in French (Français)

Code of Ethics in Canadia, French (Français Canadien)

Code of Ethics in Italian (Italiana)

Code of Ethics in Japanese (日本語)

Code of Ethics in Korean (한국어)

Code of Ethics in Brazilian Portuguese (Português)

Code of Ethics in Romanian (Română)

Code of Ethics in Russian (Pусский)

Code of Ethics in Spanish Latin American (Español)

Code of Ethics in Thai (ไทย)

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