IOA Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

The IOA Standards of Practice are based upon and derived from the ethical principles stated in the IOA Code of Ethics. Each Ombuds office should have an organizational Charter or Terms of Reference, approved by senior management, articulating the principles of the Ombuds function in that organization and their consistency with the IOA Standards of Practice.

In addition, IOA has developed a supplemental Best Practices Guide, intended to provide guidance to Organizational Ombuds in practicing according to IOA Standards of Practice to the highest possible level of professionalism. Any questions or suggested revisions are welcome and should be sent to the Chair of the Professional Ethics, Standards, and Best Practices Committee.

IOA' has proposed changes to the IOA Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles (previously called the IOA Code of Ethics). We are nearing the end of what has been a four-year effort to update these documents. You can learn more on the IOA blog, The Independant Voice

Standards of Practice In Different Languages

Code of Ethics in Different Languages

Standards of Practice in English 

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Code of Ethics in English 

Code of Ethics in Chinese

Code of Ethics in French (Francais)

Code of Ethics in Italian

Code of Ethics in Japanese

Code of Ethics in Korean

Code of Ethics in Brazilian Portuguese

Code of Ethics in Russian

Code of Ethics in Spanish (Español)

Code of Ethics in Thai

Code of Ethics in Amharic