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IOA offers around six webinars annually. These webinars are exceptional learning opportunities ombuds. All trainings are presented by respected leaders in the organizational ombuds field. IOA webinars offer the latest information on topics relevant to ombuds, at an attractive price, without leaving your desk! 

Below is a list of past webinars that we have provided members in the past. Visit our Live Webinars & Online Education page or our event list to learn more about upcoming webinars.

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2020 Webinars


Solve Harassment, Bullying, & Aggression at Work: A Few Case Studies

Catherine Mattice Zundel, MA, SPHER, SHRM-SCP

May 2020

Annual Reports as Catalyst for Change

Brodie Maureen, Director and Ombudsperson, UCSF Office of the Ombuds
Melanie Jagneaux, Ombudsman Director, Baylor College of Medicine
Michael David, Deputy Ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman, Center for Cooperative Resolution

February 2020


2019 Webinars


In the Room Where It Happens; Inside Ombuds Practices

Angela Dash, Ph.D., PCC, Ombuds for NEOMED
Ruthy Kohorn Rosenberg, University Ombudsperson at Brown University
Prisca Youn, Assistant to the Ombud, University of Washington

November 2019 

Cultural Components in Conflict

David Talbot, Ombudsman, The World Bank Group
José Martinez-Aragón, CO-OP®, Ombudsman, World Health Organization

September 2019

Establishing Trust in Groups: Lencioni and Google Models in Practice 

Rita Callahan, Ombuds, Organizational Collaboration, and Conflict Management Consultant

August 2019 

Preparing the Visitor For the Facilitated Conversation

David Michael, National Institutes of Health Center for Cooperative Resolution
Tyler Smith, National Institutes of Health Center for Cooperative Resolution

June 2019

Listening: An Ombuds' Superpower

Presenter: Kristine Paranica, North Dakota State University

May 2019

What's an Ombuds to do in a Conflict Management System?

Presenter: Brian Bloch

February 2019

2018 Webinars


Getting Less Wrong: Understanding Cognitive Biases and Their Impact on Decision-Making

Presenter: Prof. Laura A. Frase, UNT Dallas College of Law

September 2018

The Ombuds as a Workplace Fighter: Assisting Organizations to Address Abrasive Behaviors

Presenter: Patricia M. Porter

 August 2018

Ombudsing in the era of #MeToo: Sexual harassment and violence and what impact we as ombuds can have for the individual and for the organization

Alicia Booker, University of Cinncinatti
Eric Mayo, Chevron Corporation
Gabrielle Kluck, United Nations World Food Programme

June 2018

Employing Restorative Practices for a Conflict-Positive Culture

Presenter: Tahirih Varner, MSCM, University of West Georgia

May 2018

Ombuds Un-Confidential: Research and Practice on Sharing Our Value and Impact

Presenter: Timothy Hedeen, PhD

February 2018

Examining Professional Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Ombudsman Practice

Presenter: Sean A. Banks

January 2018

2017 Webinars


You've Got (Hate) Mail: Tips to Help Visitors Resolve & Prevent Email Related Conflict

Stephanie Luckam
Sara Roberts

December 2017

Expand the Ombuds Profession for Greater Impact

Presenters: Caroline Adams and Randy Williams 

November 2017

Ombuds as a Conflict Resolution Trainer

Presenter: Diana Anderson

September 2017

HR and Ombuds: Partners in Pursuit of a Common Vision

Presenter: Josie Stiles

June 2017

Crucial Conversations for Ombuds

Presenter: Mary Beth Stevens

March 2017

Helping People Get Unstuck: Mindsets that Generate Responsibility and Possibility

Presenter: Andrew Cohn, Lighthouse Consulting, LLC

February 2017

2016 Webinars


Leveraging Your Annual Report to Validate Your Office and Create Sustainability

Presenter: Karey R. Barnes, MSPA

December 2016

Growing Pains: Staying Relevant in a Changing Organization

Presenter: Cindy Foster

October 2016

Building Conflict Capability: Developing Organizational Representatives to Resolve Workplace Conflicts and Communication Challenges

Presenter: Daniel Griffith

July 2016

Getting Our Message Out: How We Align with Business Needs, Target Audiences and Track Progress

Presenter: Eric Mayo

May 2016

The Organizational Ombuds Office and Corporate Social Responsibility: Driving Values in an Organization

Bonnie Bonnivier
Melanie Brooke-Lander
Melanie Lewis

March 2016

2015 Webinars


Title IX

Bruce MacAllister
Monique McKay

December 2015

How Do I Market my Office: I'm an Ombuds, not an advertising manager… How do I market my office…HELP! 

Lee Twyman

November 2015

Emotional Intelligence: You Cant's Ombuds Without It

Tom Ward
Susan Casino

September 2015


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