IOA Membership Committee

About the Membership Committee and Their Mission

The IOA Membership Committee serves the membership of IOA by monitoring and evaluating membership applications and renewals in a consistent and efficient manner; by recognizing the interests of the various sectors of the profession; and by seeking to grow the organization worldwide.  

The IOA Membership Committee Is Recruiting

Join the Team & Make an Impact

Hey Ombuddies! IOA Membership Committee is looking for fun folks who want to engage in a monthly Zoom meeting and a task or two that seeks to help grow IOA worldwide. This committee is chaired by, me, Amanda Dean, and supported by Elisa Enriquez, and Wayne Marriott with Roy Baroff as our board liaison.

Our committee's priorities include supporting the global marketing plan; supporting training to our international community; and fostering connections with newly appointed ombuds, associations, and networks.

Do these priorities interest you? Please contact one of the linked members above ASAP!

Amanda Dean
Ombudsperson for Staff & Faculty
Austin Community College



  • Carrie Knell, Kenyon College
  • Amanda Dean, Austin Community College District

Board Liasion

  • Roy Baroff, CO-OP®, North Carolina State University

Committee Members

  • Wayne Marriott, Fleetwood Group Limited
  • Elisa Enriquez, CO-OP®, Los Alamos National Laboratory


  • Support the development of the IOA Global Marketing Plan
  • Support the implementation of IOA training to international contexts, outside the U.S.A.
  • Support the Regional Advisory Communities work in advancing the profession through contacting recently appointed ombudsman, relevant associations, networks, and organizations in priority countries

 Accomplishments 2019-2020

  • Implemented transfer of membership guidelines
  • Recommended bylaws changes which were adopted in August 2019  
  • Initiated a re-engagement campaign for lapsed members
  • Created a “Welcome Wagon” program for new ombuds who are not members of IOA
  • Created a Decision Tree for IOA Inquiries

To Join the Committee

If you are interested in joining this or any other committee, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more about available positions and complete our Volunteer Interest Form.

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