Volunteer Coordination Committee


Julia Heck, Co-Chair
Associate Director, Office of the Ombuds
Eastern Michigan University

Committee Members

Bruce MacAllister, International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR)

Wanda Donnelly,

Shawn Hutchens, CO-OP, University of California, Irvine

Kimberly Jackson Davidson, Oberlin College

Delicia Perdue, Weatherford

To Join the Committee

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The goals of this committee include:
  • Develop and oversee IOA’s volunteer pool in order to increase the number of volunteers active in the organization,
  • Direct potential volunteers into opportunities for which they are interested and well suited,
  • Work with committees and the board on succession planning for leadership positions,
  • Communicate volunteer needs to the membership and coordinate initiatives for the recognition of volunteers.


  • Create a best practices document offering guidance in recognizing and motivating volunteers
  • Improve marketing of committee description document to raise awareness about many committees of IOA and recruit volunteers
  • Collaborate with the Communication Committee on the development of volunteer page for IOA website
  • Continue to improve strategies for recruitment, retention and recognition of IOA volunteers


  • Followed up with all people who expressed interest in volunteering at the 2016 IOA Annual Conference and placed them with committees where possible
  • Continued to create communications and marketing materials to meet the volunteer needs of various committees
  • Expanded the platform in which we recruit volunteers to include IOA communities, social media and a web presence
  • Partnered with Conference Committee to improve the volunteer luncheon and volunteer recruitment at the 2017 Conference
  • Created a “one stop shop” document concisely describing each committee, in response to members feeling overwhelmed by the number of diverse committees
  • Continued our Independent Voice series “Volunteer Spotlight” quarterly articles introducing IOA committee chairs and their valuable contributions to IOA

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering on a committee is a great way to get involved in the IOA community and contribute to advancing the Organizational Ombudsman profession. Some of the benefits of becoming an IOA volunteer include:

  • Networking opportunities, work with colleagues from all over the country and world
  • Gain leadership training and experience by volunteering to be a committee chair
  • Gain exposure to professional trends and best practices
  • Meet Ombuds peers and discuss your professional backgrounds and interests
  • Learning more about a particular role or sectors of Ombudsing

This is a great opportunity if you are looking to utilize your skills or build new ones. We encourage all interested individuals to reach us at [email protected] for more information.