Resources for Contract Conference Ombuds

How to Publicize Ombuds Services to Conference Attendees

IOA recommends that sponsoring organizations develop a marketing plan to publicize the Conference Ombuds to attendees, which may include the following communications:

  1. Notice to membership when the decision is made to establish the Conference Ombuds Program.
  2. Notice to membership when Conference Ombuds is selected, including bio and anticipated times Ombuds will be available on site.
  3. Website information available before, during, and after the conference:
    1. Meet the Conference Ombuds (short bio, photo, contact information)
    2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    3. IOA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
    4. if applicable, Conference Code of Conduct
  4. Post announcement in social media about the availability of the Conference Ombuds. Be sure to use #ombuds to help IOA promote the ombuds role! 
  5. Reference in registration materials of the availability of Conference Ombuds, how to contact the Ombuds, and where the Ombuds will be located during the conference.
  6. At the conference, provide appropriate signage to provide directions on how to contact the Ombuds and where the Ombuds is located
  7. Introduction of the Ombuds at one of the initial plenary sessions.
  8. Consider adding the Ombuds to a panel to explain role or for ombuds to do a session on “conflict resolution” skills or related topics.

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